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"Do something good for your body, so that your soul may desire to well the rein" (Teresa of Avila) At the moment much of our food comes from all over the world and wemay enjoy everything at every moment. This leads to long transport ways and increased environmental pollution. In addition, many of these foods are not required to prepare a tasty and healthy meal. Considering these facts, in the beginning of 2013, we decided to found the Legulux Sàrl in Weiswampach (Luxembourg). The idea has gradually developed in recent years. Thus, we have always worried about our food and the common family meal was the most precious moment of the day. For many years, we have been working in agriculture (mainly in the cultivation of potatoes and the Limousin breeding) and that fact has led us to a deep  relationship to  the ground and nature. We grow regional vegetables and respect the natural availability of our food. Our area is 500 m above the sea level and our vegetables require a longer growing period and therefore develop a very intense taste. Some of our products are sold in  Cactus Shops in Luxembourg and the other part is sold directly from the fields. So we have the possibility to stay in direct contact to our customers. Best regards, Your Legulux Team
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